How To Make French Vanilla Iced Coffee

July 3, 2013

How To Make French Vanilla Iced Coffee

4 Core Strengthening Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Or you can define an alias for a detailed git log command. The following command defines the git ll alias.. Thank you! And it’s SO easy!!

How To : 3 Ways to Lengthen Redstone Pulse Signals with a Simple Pulse Sustainer

Research on sesame oil pulling and gingivitis shows mixed results.. We design our toys with the benefits of unstructured play in mind.

How to Build a Wooden Headboard and Bed Frame        9 Steps News :                       No, It's Not an App. It's a Japanese Soft Drink.

Step 5: Set the Atomizer Head in the Bucket

I'm in the North (new) Tampa area - can anyone from HD tell me if their are any type of circular paver kits available around here?  I visited a local store but was told "what you see is what we have"....perhaps they are 'special order' or the like...any info is appreciated.  Hate to think I'm going to install a circular paver patio from the ground up with simple. Dirt Race Track - - This Dirt Race Track is so much fun to make and play with, and it's made with sand from your very own yard! Preschoolers will need some help making this, but they'll love to play with it, especially outside!

Step #5: Laser Tripwire part 2.

As an IT blogger, I often want to show a block of code or a configuration file in my articles.  The very first day I started blogging, I discovered that when I pasted script code on an html page, it immediately got butchered beyond recognition. When you write code in a text editor, you often format it for readability, adding indents for code inside of functions, if statements, loops, etc.  HTML generally ignores these indents, so your code ends up all jammed to the left side of the screen.  To keep your indents, you must put your code within preformat tags. Long lines tend to get wrapped to the next line, making your code confusing or even incorrect if someone tries to use it.  To keep your lines from wrapping, you must wrap your code in tags and apply a CSS style rule to the div, setting the overflow setting to auto.  This will put your code in a box with a horizontal scroll bar. Then there's special characters.  The XHTML treats certain characters as special, interpreting them as control codes.  To display these characters on a web page, you must replace them with their corresponding XHTML codes, which are: &lt; ( < ) &gt; ( > ) &amp; ( & ) &quot; ( " ) &39; ( ' ) &124; ( | ) Making all these changes by hand is tedious to say the least.  So I wrote a tool in .Net (I was using Windows at the time) to do it for me.  Since I started running Linux, I rewrote it in Python, but I realized it would be even more convenient to create a JavaScript version on the web so that my tool would be available on any machine I was using.  Below is the tool.  Just enter your code in the fisrt box and click Convert.  The output will appear in the second box.  At the bottom of the article, you can see the JavaScript code that makes it work.  Enjoy. Input Text: Output Text: And here's the JavaScript code that makes this work: <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> /* <![CDATA[ */ function converttext(){ inputtext = document.getElementById('codeconverter').inputtext.value; out = inputtext.replace(/\&/g, '&amp;') out = out.replace(/\</g, '&lt;') out = out.replace(/\>/g, '&gt;') out = out.replace(/\"/g, '&quot;') out = out.replace(/\'/g, '&#39;') out = out.replace(/\|/g, '&#124;') out = '<div style="BORDER: #cccccc 1px dashed; PADDING: 5px; WIDTH: 95%; BACKGROUND: #f0f0f0; COLOR: #000000; FONT-SIZE: 12px; OVERFLOW: auto; height:auto"><pre>' + out + '</pre></div>' document.getElementById('codeconverter').outputtext.value = out; } /* ]]> */ </script> <form id="codeconverter"> Input Text:<br /> <textarea name="inputtext" cols=80 rows=20></textarea><br /> <input onclick="javascript:converttext();" style="margin-top: 5px;" type="button" value="Convert" /><br /> Output Text:<br /> <textarea name="outputtext" cols=80 rows=20></textarea><br /> </form>. Build sturdy drawer boxes using pocket hole joinery... Building cabinet doors with basic table saw techniques....

Delete messages and manage Mail

Note: You have the opportunity to cancel!. Ooh hmm… that’s a good question. I -almost- bought Dragon Valley for the dragons but I didn’t realize they had so many game altering effects. I’m going to email Pinstar at work and see what he says. He may not get back to me until he gets home tonight, but I’ll let you know once I find out what he says.

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